5 Tips To Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Keeping your car looking brand new should be at the top of your mind, whether you’ve bought a car straight out of the showroom, or have purchased a mint-condition vintage ride. This helps maintain its value, get you better deals on trade-ins in the future, and increases your satisfaction when driving your car.

If you want to keep your car looking fresh, the experts a German Service Shop outline 5 tips to help you do so.

1) Wash your car regularly

It’s no surprise that washing your car regularly is the first tip on our guide to keeping your car looking brand new. Washing your car isn’t just cosmetic; it’s the best way to keep your paint structurally sound. If left long enough without washing your car, the environment can start to take a toll on it. Bird droppings, for example, are acidic and can eat away at your car’s paint. That’s why cleaning your car once a week is the best way to keep the paint looking brand new.

2) Wax it

Wax on! Car wax is a fantastic investment if you want to keep your car looking brand new. It’s affordable, it’s easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way. Waxing your car every 3 washes is a great way to add extra protection and superb shine to your car’s paint.

3) Get it detailed annually

We’ve covered the outside of the car – now, let’s talk about inside. The interior of the car is just important to keep in good condition as the exterior. When trading in, for example, car dealers are quick to identify wear, stains and smells on the inside, in order to drive the price down. Get your car interior detailed annually, making your seats, steeling wheel and dash look brand new. And don’t forget to invest in a car air freshener!

4) Park it under cover

Parking your car in the right place is one of the biggest considerations if you want to keep your car looking brand new. In humid areas like seaside suburbs, for example, rusting can be a huge issue, so always try to keep your ride parked under cover. Never park under a pine tree, either; these leak sap which is nearly impossible to remove from your car without leaving a stain.

5) Insure it properly

So far, we’ve only covered the things that are in our control. But what about the things that aren’t? If you’re set on keeping your car looking brand new, then investing in a good comprehensive insurance policy is a must. This way you can put your mind at ease when parking it in the city, driving on bumpy roads, or dealing with drivers of questionable competence.

So, now you know how to keep your car looking brand new, let’s keep it driving like brand new as well! German Service Shop are the team of specialists for luxury car brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini and more. Pop in to have the professionals service your pride and joy today.