Five Things to Check Before Taking Your Car to the Snow

Planning to hit the snow this year? Heck yeah! Whether you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, a family on a holiday to remember or just wanting to get away for a while, heading to the snow is a memorable and valuable experience. But before you’re skiing down picturesque slopes or sipping on hot chocolate in your cabin with a view, you need to get your car ready for the snow. This doesn’t mean dressing it up in thermals or a snow jacket – but it’s basically the automobile equivalent. Today, we’ll run through five things to check before taking your car to the snow.

Old batteries have trouble starting in cold weather, so imagine what the effect could be when you’re facing morning temperatures of below freezing. If your battery is over three years old, it’s definitely worth getting it checked by a mechanic. If your battery is weak, then change it. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the freezing cold.

Nowadays, radiator coolant is a mix of water and antifreeze. Obviously, the antifreeze plays a massive part in controlling the temperature of your coolant. When in freezing conditions like you experience in the snow, it’s important that your radiator has the right mix of water and antifreeze so that your coolant doesn’t freeze. Ask your mechanic for advice if you’re not sure about the right coolant mix.

Fuel mixture – for diesel cars
If you drive a diesel, you’ll need to fill your car with alpine-mix diesel fuel. This, like your coolant, contains an antifreeze to prevent your fuel from freezing in the cold climate. Double check with the local service stations to see whether they stock alpine-mix diesel.

Spare tyre
Almost every car has one, but what would be the point if you have a flat tyre and your spare isn’t pumped up? Fill your spare tyre with air before you head off on your road trip and make sure you’ve got the necessary tools to change a tyre. Again, you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the cold.

Snow chains
Snow chains are chains that go around your tyres to provide better traction on snow and ice. In Victoria, every car must carry snow chains and use them when directed to. Practice fitting your car with snow chains before you get to the snowfield.

If you’ve checked all of these five things, then your car is 90% ready for the snow. There’s just the last 10% to complete, and that lies in taking your car to a specialist like German Service Shop. They’re Melbourne’s leading German vehicle specialist workshop for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Mini and Volkswagen. Get expert services at affordable rates through German Service Shop. Give the team a call today.