Five Things to Check Before You Go on a Road Trip

Time for a road trip? It sure is! There’s nothing better than getting out on the open road with your family, your partner or just you and your beast of a machine. Of course, you can’t just plan a road trip without getting your car in ship shape. That would be preparing to fail! There are a few things you should check before you head off on your journey. In this post, we’ll run through five important things to check with your car before you go on a road trip.

Oil change
If you haven’t changed the oil of your car in a few months, it’s definitely worth getting it changed before you head off on your road trip. This will make sure your engine runs smoothly and cleanly and won’t give you any problems on your trip. If you’ve had a service recently and your oil was changed, then check the levels and get it topped up.

Oil isn’t the only important fluid that your motor depends on. Radiator coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windscreen water are all fluids that must be checked. If they seem a little low, top them up or get your mechanic to top them up for you. An adequate level of these fluids will mean you’re far less likely to have a breakdown.

Tyre pressure
You’ve got to pump it up! Don’t you know? Pump it up! OK, that’s the last time we’ll incorporate annoying song lyrics into these tips. Checking tyre pressure is another main thing to check before your road trip. Check what your optimum tyre pressure is and then pump your tyres to that level.

Air filter
This one isn’t really something you can do yourself if you don’t have mechanical knowledge, but it’s super important to check your air filter. Your car’s performance and efficiency will be hampered if your air filter isn’t clean, so make sure you book in with your mechanic to get your air filter checked out.

Brake lights and indicators
One of the most important things to check is also one of the most basic: your lights, brake lights and indicators. It’s a bit of a two-person job, so grab a friend to help you quickly. If one of these parts isn’t quite up to scratch, get your mechanic to replace it for you.

There are a ton of other things that your mechanic should check out before you go on a road trip, but let’s save the details for a face-to-face chat. If you’re heading off on a road trip and need your car checked out, talk to the guys at German Service Shop! They’re Melbourne’s leading German vehicle specialist workshop for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Mini and Volkswagen. Don’t go to a dealership where they charge through the nose! Get expert advice at affordable rates through German Service Shop. Give the team a call today.