How Do I Know If My Brakes Need Replacing?

We were going to start this off by telling you how important your brakes are, but we’re pretty sure you already know all about it. No brakes = no stopping = big problem. Simple.

It’s knowing when to replace your brakes that can be a little trickier. But thankfully, there are plenty of signs that indicate the time is right for changing your brake pads. In this post, the auto specialists at German Service Shop tell you how to know if your brakes need replacing.

Brake light turns on

If you drive a new European car, you’ll almost definitely be alerted by your brake light when it’s time to replace your brake pads. To ensure your brake light is working, the team at German Service Shop can run an electronic diagnostics test. That being said, if you drive an older Euro car, like a 1997 BMW 325i, we can’t be so sure… the brake lights on those things seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.

Persistent squeaking sound

It’s true that, sometimes, a persistent squeaking noise can indicate it’s time to replace your brakes. When this happens often, it’s because your brake pads are wearing thin and need changing. However, it’s normal for brakes to squeak in some weather conditions, like rain, so don’t panic if the squeaking is only very occasional.

Vibrating brake pedal

An almost definite indication that your brakes need changing, however, is when your brake pedal shudders or vibrates when you press down on it. If your brake pedal is ‘shaking it like a polaroid picture’, as the rap duo Outkast would put it, then you’ve got to take your ride in to see a mechanic straight away.

Grinding sounds

Another solid sign that your brake pads need replacing: grinding sounds. Some brake pads come with metal ridges that make a grinding sound to alert drivers of their need to be replaced. Continuing to drive when your brake pads are at this stage can lead to further, costlier damage to rotors and other parts.

It takes more pressure to brake

Feel like your brakes are taking a little more oomph in order to stop your car? Nope, it’s not your imagination: it’s actually time to replace your brake pads. Less braking power is a clear sign that you need to take your car in and get the brakes checked out – they’ll likely be changed after that.

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