How To Look After Your Car Tyres

When you look after your belongings, you achieve a few things: 1) you get more life out of them, 2) you spend less money on replacing them, and 3) you save a little bit of the earth’s resources by hanging on to what you already have.

Tyres are one those things that can really pay off when you take good care of them. They’re expensive, so treating them well keeps more money in your pocket. And they’re a contributor to waste, too, with roughly one quarter of used tyres ending up in landfill.

But you’ve come to the right place if you want to hang on to your tyres as long as is safe. Here, the auto experts at German Service Shop tell us the best ways to keep those tyres in good nick!

Keep them pumped up

First up, maintaining the air pressure and keeping them pumped at all times. When driving on sealed roads, tyres like to be pumped up to the appropriate PSI – letting them drop below that level causes wear. Check your tyre manufacturer’s recommendations for PSI levels and make sure you pump up your tyres once a month. It’s easy – next time you’re filling up at the servo, make it a habit to check your tyre pressure.

Drive economically

Being a ‘leadfoot’ is one of the worst things you can do for your whole car, including your tyres. Driving uneconomically includes taking off at the lights too quick and accelerating towards a red light when you could simply cruise up to it. Leadfooting uses more petrol, puts more stress on your engine and brake pads and even wears your tyres quicker. So, next time you stop at a red light, think about taking off slower!

Suspension, wheel alignments, and balance and rotating your tyres

Lack of rotation, worn suspension parts, wheel imbalance, and misalignment can cause vibration or irregular tyre wear. Getting your 6-monthly service is the best way to make sure these tasks are ticked off, protecting your tyres. Rotate your tyres according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or at maximum intervals of 10,000 km.

Don’t overload

If you often use your car for transporting goods, make sure you’re not overloading it. Overloading can damage your suspension and lead to quicker tyre wear. Check your vehicle’s manual and determine its load limits before you start piling up!

One of the best things you can do to look after your tyres is visit the professionals at German Service Shop. They offer a full-scale mechanic service, including suspension work, wheel alignments and more. German Service Shop are Melbourne’s team of choice amongst European car enthusiasts and owners of BMWs, Mercedes Benzes, Volkswagens, Minis, Audis and more. Get in touch with the specialists at German Service Shop – your car will thank you later.