Importance Of Regular Servicing

We all know how important it is to look after our most valuable possessions, like our cars. You wash your car regularly, clean your car regularly and replace the air fresher regularly – and every so often, you need to get it serviced, too.

Servicing your car isn’t just something that people do out of habit, or out of over-protectiveness. It’s an essential action that upholds the functionality and value of the car, as well as your personal safety.

Here’s a bit about the importance of regular servicing, what we define as ‘regular’ and why German Service Shop are the number one mechanics for European car models.

Major components kept in function

Your car relies on a few major components in order to function properly. Some of the most important parts of your car include its engine, radiator, transmission and brake system. If even just one of these components isn’t functioning at 100%, your car is going to experience major problems. These primary components are inspected, maintained and repaired when you take your car in for a service, ensuring that the entire unit is running to perfection.

Preventing breakdowns

Breaking down is a common fear amongst Australian drivers. There’s no wonder why; breakdowns can make us feel hopeless and stranded. But the best way to deter breaking down in peak hour traffic is to get your car regularly serviced. Breakdowns don’t often happen randomly. They happen due to a neglected part which should have been changed at your last service. Get your car serviced by the team at German Service Shop to prevent breakdowns.

Preventing dangerous situations

Breaking down is one thing, but dangerous situations are another. Neglecting to get your car serviced can lead to dangerous situations on the road, like brake failure. While this is an extreme example, a situation like this could occur if your brakes weren’t service for a long period of time. To uphold your safety, and the safety of others on the road, book in for a service with German Service Shop.

Preventing irreversible damage

Servicing your car regularly is the best way to fix little issues before they become big ones. Changing your engine oil is a great example. It’s a small, simple thing that doesn’t cost much, yet if you were to stop changing the oil altogether, your engine would most likely breakdown and would need replacing. An engine replacement can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $20,000, depending on your vehicle – so it’s a lot smarter to service your car regularly before this happens!

Service your car once every 6 months, or every 5,000kms, at German Service Shop. Their highly regarded team has been servicing Melbourne’s European cars for over a decade, and are specialists in Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen and more. A genuine alternative to dealerships, German Service Shop deliver the highest quality service and repairs at affordable rates. Make a booking with the team at German Service Shop today.