Maintaining the Luxury: BMW Interior Care Tips and Tricks

BMW has long been known as the ultimate driving machine. Performance, exterior style, German engineering and comfort is all part of the expectation that BMW drivers have, and which BMW constantly delivers in their vehicles.

But just as much attention to detail goes into the interior of a BMW as it does to the exterior and the engine. When we call BMW the ultimate driving machine, it refers to the driving experience within the cabin, too – not just what’s under the hood.

To maintain the luxury of your BMW interior, the team at German Service Shop share some of their top care tips and tricks, keeping your BMW interior fresh and clean:

Start with a vacuum

Most car owners love nothing more than giving their ride a solid vacuum, and this is especially important for BMW drivers. Using a high-powered vacuum, start with the floors, and use the appropriate vacuum attachments to get into all the nooks and crannies. Then, get into the boot, the centre console, glovebox and seats.

Dashboard cleaning

Dashboards are a hotspot for dust accumulation – something that every BMW driver wants to avoid! We recommend spraying your Beemer dash with some light multi-purpose cleaner and wiping away the dust. Make sure to do this on your steering wheel too, especially on the steering column where dust often hides. Dry with a clean micro-fibre towel.

Leather protection

Leather protection and BMWs go hand in hand. Every BMW owner wants to maximise the lifespan of their leather seats and keep them in excellent condition. For this, we need leather conditioner! Your leather seats have got their work cut out for them – not only being sat on, but copping UV rays too. Leather conditioner moisturises, nourishes and rejuvenates your BMW leather car seats.

Car detailing

The holy grail of BMW interior care is professional detailing. Car detailing provides a full-service clean and polish for the interior of your BMW, incorporating many elements of professional car care. It includes steam cleaning for tough stains in your carpets and seats, leather trimming for seats and steering wheel, scrubbing and brushing using specialised cleaning agents, vacuuming and perfuming to get rid of odours and retain that new car smell.

Professional detailing businesses are all over Melbourne – just consult the team at German Service Shop for a solid recommendation.

So, we’ve discussed caring for the interior of the car… but what about its mechanical components? Give your ultimate driving machine the ultimate service at German Service Shop. We’re Melbourne’s specialist auto mechanic for all models of BMW, including other luxury European makes such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mini and Volkswagen. We are a genuine dealership alternative, giving your BMW a top-quality service without the overcharging and over-servicing which dealership mechanics are known for. Book in with German Service Shop today.