Here at German Service Shop our trained technicians have over 30 years combined experience working on prestige vehicles, including commercial vehicles & performance motor vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, AMG and BMW M Series. We work with state of the art diagnostic and testing equipment, as found in dealerships.

All handbook services are completed without affecting your new car warranty, giving you complete peace of mind when servicing at German Service Shop.

We understand how important it is to our customers for all works to be completed on time and to be cost effective.

Some of our services we offer are:

Roadworthy Certificates

Our team of experts are able to provide Roadworthy Certificates validating the safety and drivability of your BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Mini Cooper.

Diagnostic Testing

Our diagnostic computers are the most advanced in the industry with the ability to read, reprogram updates from the manufacturer as would a dealership.

Aircon Re-Gas

We provide Aircon Regas services for all BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Mini Cooper makes and models.

All European Vehicle Servicing

At German Service Shop, we offer the full range of services that you would expect from other dealer, but at a cost saving of up to 30%. We offer full service plans as well as general fix and repair for most vehicles, if you are not sure what you need, give us a call and we will be happy to help in any way we can.


Keeping your vehicle safe and reliable is a priority. We provide a full range of services on your brakes from brake pad replacement to ABS Sensor replacement.

OEM Upgrades

All of our upgrades use equipment that comes directly from the manufacturer NOT a third party. Meaning they perfectly fit the specifications of your BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Mini Cooper.

Major Mechanical Repairs

A blown head gasket can be quite a serious problem and some cars are more prone to this happening than others. We’ll make the process as easy as possible. Let us take a look, give you a price estimate and get on with the work efficiently, keeping costs as low as we can.


Suspensions are most important part of your vehicle which affect your safety. We will make sure they are in perfect condition, and side related positions, such as ball joints, control arm bushes are also in the safe manner.

Pick up / Drop off

We offer a pick up/ drop off service for your vehicle, and a loan car is also available (subject to availability).