Why You Should Use Premium Fuel In Your Car

If you’re a proud owner of a European car, you’ve probably though about the idea of using premium fuel and wondered why other European car drivers use it exclusively. Premium fuel is something that many owners of BMWs, Mercedes Benzes and Audis swear by – so, why is that?

Let’s discuss the benefits of using premium fuel in your car, and whether or not it’s recommended for you.

Essential for luxury and high-performance vehicles

Luxury and high-performance vehicle owners are often recommended to use exclusively premium fuel in their cars. Turbocharged and high-compression engines have a higher risk of knocking, potentially causing engine damage. While using lower octane fuel increases this risk of knocking, premium fuel has a higher resistance to knocking and can therefore minimise the chance of engine damage.

Better engine life

Your engine is one of the most important and most expensive parts of your car – particularly if you drive a luxury or high-performance vehicle. Increasing the life of your engine should be at the top of your agenda as a luxury car owner. If your manufacturer recommends using premium fuel, then you should certainly take that advice on board. Better engine life means keeping your car in better condition, and less headaches down the track.

More cost-effective in the long-term

While premium fuel is slightly more expensive when you go to fill up, using it pays off in the long run. For example, the added cost of premium fuel is nothing in compared with the cost of a potential engine replacement due to knocking caused by low octane fuel. While premium fuel is just a few extra cents per litre, an engine replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a luxury car.

Should you use premium fuel in your car?

Owners of luxury cars, high-performance cars, or any other car that’s turbocharged should definitely use premium fuel, and premium fuel only. Protecting your engine from knocking will allow you to use all that horsepower smoothly, and keep the motor in great condition.

For drivers of other cars, the benefits you get from using premium fuel over regular fuel are significantly reduced. For example, your engine is at a lower risk of knocking than turbocharged cars anyway, so premium fuel won’t lower the risk much more. Regular octane fuel should suffice.

The team at German Service Shop want you to keep your car safe and reliable at all times, which is why they encourage you to check your manufacturer’s recommendations for fuel usage. If your car does need a little work or a service, call in to see their expert mechanics. As Melbourne’s leading team for European auto makes, German Service Shop deliver the highest quality services at affordable prices.