Audi Safety Features: A Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Everybody deserves to feel safe when they’re on the road. While the behaviour of other drivers isn’t in your control, you can make sure you’re as protected as possible by investing in a car manufacturer that offers the highest level of safety features.

Audi is certainly a car maker which ticks that box. With Audi’s advanced driver assistance systems, you can feel safe on the road at all times – from zipping around the city to making long interstate road trips.

Here’s what you need to know about Audi’s advanced driver assistance systems which keep you safe while driving:

Pre-sense systems

Audi have developed a range of pre-sense systems which help you prevent potential accidents and even help mitigate the risk of unavoidable ones. Pedestrian and stationary vehicle detection systems are part of Audi’s pre-sense technology, using the forward-facing camera and radar systems to detect obstacles and help you avoid a collision.

Rear collision detection and prevention is another huge part of Audi’s pre-sense system. This technology uses the rear-facing camera and radar sensors to help detect an impending rear-end collision, and help prepare the vehicle for an unavoidable accident. This includes pre-tensioning the seatbelts to ensure maximum tautness, and even adjusting the occupants’ seats to an ideal position for safety.

Audi’s advanced Driver Assistance systems

Audi has developed several Drive Assistance systems which maximise occupant safety:

  • Audi adaptive cruise assist
    Adaptive cruise control helps you maintain a safe distance even when you’re set to a certain speed. It slows you down when there’s a car in front of you, and helps accelerate when overtaking (for example, on the highway).
  • Traffic jam assist
    Audi even goes one step further with traffic jam assist, helping to negotiate crawling traffic jams by detecting surrounding vehicles. This is done by using Audi’s advanced camera and radar sensors.
  • Active lane assist
    One of Audi’s most popular advanced Driver Assistance systems is active lane assist, which helps drivers to stay in their lane. Audi detects lane markings, roadside structures and lane closures to assist with lane control.
  • Night vision assist
    While wearing night vision goggles in the car isn’t recommended, Audi has built their own pair into each vehicle! Audi uses long-range infrared cameras and can react to thermal energy given off by objects – particularly useful in rural Australia where kangaroos are a driving hazard.
  • Parking system plus
    Audi’s parking assist system is next to none, helping you manage tight parks with visual guidance and sound warnings.

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