How To Clean And Protect Your Car’s Interior

Protecting the outside of your car is a no-brainer. There are UV rays, dirt and pollen, bird droppings and other paint-fading nasties out there, so we’re usually hyperaware of protecting our car’s precious coat of paint.

But what about for the inside of the car which is almost equally important? There’s always the risk of coffee stains, kids’ hand and foot marks, pet paw prints and fur. That’s why it’s a good idea to devote equal attention to cleaning your car’s interior. In this post, the team at German Service Shop tell you the best ways to clean and protect your car’s interior.

Get the vacuum out
Nothing more satisfying than a good ol’ car vacuum. After a while, lint, debris, sand and small pieces of paper and plastic can easily accumulate in your car, making it look pretty neglected. Get the vacuum out and pay close attention to the front and back seats, underneath the seats, the footwells, the door cards and centre console. After this, your car will immediately look and feel much cleaner.

Condition the leather
If you’ve got a luxury European car, you likely have leather seats. Show your leather seats a bit of love by investing in a good quality leather conditioner. Massage it into your leather seats once every six months or so, keeping it well hydrated and avoiding permanent wear.

Hire a detailing service
Getting your car detailed is a great way to clean and protect its interior. Car detailers make your car’s interior look as though it just rolled off the production line again. The seats, dash, console and footwells are given a high-suction vacuum as well as a steam-clean for tough stains. Because your car likely contains a range of materials, these detailing experts know exactly which product and technique to use for each surface.

Dashboard protectants
Your dashboard is one of the first things you see when you take a seat in your car, so it’s a great idea to protect it. There are a few ways to protect your dash, like investing in a thermal cover, but if you want to leave your dash exposed (without exposing it to the harsh UV rays of summer), we suggest a dashboard protectant. These vinyl solutions are sprayed onto your dash, wiped thoroughly and give your dash excellent UV protection. They also leave a lovely satin finish.

And there’s your crash course in interior car care! But the interior is just one part of your car, alongside the mechanics. To protect the mechanical parts of your luxury car, get in touch with the team at German Service Shop. As Melbourne’s leading mechanics for car makes like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and more, German Service Shop is your genuine dealership alternative for luxury vehicle services at affordable prices. Call up the team at German Service Shop today.