How To Stay Safe In A Breakdown

Breakdowns aren’t very much fun. The good news is that, with a quality mechanic on your side, they’re 99% avoidable, but they can still occur on the off chance. From unexpected flat tyres to surprise leaks, breakdowns can happen anywhere, at any time.

The first thing to do when you’re experiencing a car breakdown actually has nothing to do with the car; it’s all about your personal safety.

Staying safe in a breakdown is the priority. So, today, the experts at German Service Shop explain how to stay safe if you’ve broken down, and what to do once you’ve secured your personal safety.

1) Stay calm

The first step to staying safe in a breakdown is to remain calm. We understand that breaking down is unpleasant and that it can be dangerous, but panicking only increases your danger. Take a deep breath, be calm and don’t rush anything.

2) Hazard lights

Hazard lights aren’t just there to prevent parking inspectors from issuing you a ticket when you’re in a loading zone; they’re there for when hazardous situations occur. As soon as you feel that something isn’t right with your car, turn your hazard lights on to let other drivers know to be cautious.

3) If you’re in motion, pull over

If your car is moving and you start breaking down (for example, you hear loud sounds from the engine, your engine is overheating, or you feel the tyre is flat), pull over as soon as it’s safe. Stay calm, check your surrounds and blind spot, and slowly pull over.

4) Reflective triangles

Some cars have reflective triangles, located in the roof of the boot, which are used for breakdowns. They’re especially important at night, along poorly-lit roads, letting other drivers know that you’re there. If you have them, set them 10-20 metres behind your car.

5) Contact roadside assistance

Now, contact your roadside assistance agency or towing service. Tell them your location and your make and model of vehicle.

6) When to stay in your car, and when not to

If you’ve broken down in a metropolitan or suburban area, it’s safest to stay in your car and wait for roadside assistance. If you’ve broken down on the highway, you have two options: stay in your car if there’s no other safe place to go, or exit the car if you can stand a few metres off the road. Highway collisions involving parked broken down vehicles are more common than you’d think.

Once you’ve completed this checklist, and you’re safe during a breakdown, it’s time to visit the team at German Service Shop. They’re Melbourne’s leading team of mechanics for European models like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen and more. Their team is fully qualified to perform a wide scope of repairs on your vehicle, getting it back up and running even better than before you broke down. Make a booking with the team at German Service Shop today.