3 Advantages Of Using An Independent Mechanic To Service Your Car

Finding a great mechanic is the goal of basically every car owner. Some of us find the process difficult, and turn to dealerships as a way to get reliable service. But while their work is going to be generally good quality, you’re bound to be overpaying for it, and possibly being pressured to over-service your car.

Independent mechanics are completely different, and have a range of advantages over their dealership counterparts. Here, the team at German Service Shop explain 3 key advantages of using a quality independent mechanics, rather than the dealership:

1) Better prices

First and foremost, independent mechanics have the advantage of better pricing. It’s no secret that dealerships are the most expensive when it comes to servicing your car. Their argument is that they have mechanics who are officially trained by the manufacturer, making them more ‘adept’ than independent mechanics.

This, however, isn’t true. At German Service Shop, for example, some staff have also been trained by car manufacturers, yet charge less for servicing than dealerships do. Independent mechanics charge fairly, and every dollar you spend with an independent mechanic goes towards paying staff, and supporting their families.

2) More flexibility, less pressure

If you’ve ever had your car serviced at the dealer in the past, you’ll have felt the pressure they place on you to conduct work or replace parts that you feel may not need replacing. It’s not true that every dealership tries to over-service vehicles, but they have earned a reputation for doing so over the years.

Independent mechanics, on the other hand, offer the advantage of flexibility. They’re more open to finding a solution that suits your budget, while conducting the best possible work on your car.

3) Transparency, knowledge and experience

When you take your car to the dealership, you never really meet the mechanic who conducts the work. Sure, they’re trained by the manufacturer, but you don’t know whether they’re a mechanic with 10 years’ experience, or literally just completed their training yesterday.

Taking your car to an independent mechanic is a lot more of a personal experience. You often see the mechanics working on the cars, or meet the mechanics themselves. With excellent quality independent mechanics, like German Service Shop, you can even visit their website and read about the mechanics who conduct the work on your car.

German Service Shop are proud to be transparent about the mechanics they employ. Some staff have been officially trained by German auto manufacturers, and have cross-disciplinary experience in other areas of mechanical work, too.

Service your car once every 6 months, or every 5,000kms, at German Service Shop. Their highly regarded team has been servicing Melbourne’s European cars for over a decade, and are specialists in Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen and more.