Mercedes-Benz Maintenance: What You Can Do at Home and What Requires Professional Attention

Looking to give your Merc a little extra love and care at home? While some mechanics would discourage you from getting your hands dirty, hoping that you leave all the work to themselves, we don’t. We reckon every Australian should continue the tradition of having a bit of car know-how.

So, what can a Mercedes owner do at home, and what requires professional attention? Car maintenance is definitely something that requires a balanced approach, and it’s important to never bite off more than one can chew.

In this post, Melbourne’s specialist Mercedes Benz mechanics tell us what we can do at home to keep our German beasts running smoothly.

Mercedes maintenance at home

What happened to the days when everyone knew enough about their car to check the engine health and spot potential problems before they got out of hand? Well, we encourage Mercedes owners to take some maintenance in their own hands.

Not only can simple Mercedes Benz home maintenance give you an idea of your car’s health, it can also help prevent long visits at the mechanic, stopping potential problems before they get serious. Some of the best home maintenance tasks for Mercedes-Benz owners include:

  • Oil checks and top-ups
    Checking your oil every now and then is an essential piece of maintenance for all Mercedes Benz drivers. If the oil is low, it should be topped up using the correct type of oil.
  • Tyre pressure checks
    Tyre health is important, and checking the tyre pressure is one of the simplest things you can do. Next time you’re filling up fuel, check that your tyres are at their recommended PSI.
  • Cleaning
    One of the easiest and most rewarding pieces of car maintenance: cleaning. Washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of your Mercedes keeps it looking fresh, maintaining its value for longer.

Mercedes maintenance for mechanics

These simple at-home maintenance tips are great, but major mechanical work should be left to an experienced German auto mechanic. This includes:

  • Regular servicing
  • Body work
  • Engine work
  • Suspension adjustments
  • Brake work
  • Transmission repairs
  • Timing belt replacements
  • Air bag replacements
  • Electrical work
  • Air-con regassing
  • All other major forms of car work

So, now you know what you can do at home, and what you should leave to the professionals when it comes to Merc care. German Service Shop is Melbourne’s specialist auto mechanic for all models of Mercedes, including other luxury European makes such as BMW, Audi, Mini and Volkswagen. German Service Shop is a genuine dealership alternative, meaning your car gets an elite-level service without the overcharging and over-servicing that’s become synonymous with dealership mechanics. Take your Merc into German Service Shop for the best car service in Melbourne!