The Future of Mercedes-Benz: Exploring the Latest Technological Innovations

Mercedes-Benz: a brand name that’s synonymous with engineering innovation and history-making. The 1885 Patent-Motorwagen, widely considered the first modern automobile; the 300SL which in 1954 became the world’s fastest production car at the time; the EQC, being Mercedes-Benz’s first-ever electric car – it’s clear to see that Mercedes has made history throughout its 140 years of car manufacturing.

And while the history of Mercedes is rich, what about its future?

Well, with the track record of Merc as an automobile manufacturer, it’s quite surmisable that the future is one of continuing improvement and innovation. Let’s explore the latest technological innovations of Mercedes-Benz, brought to you by the experts at German Service Shop:

Improve crash safety technology for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the future of car manufacturing, but one aspect of their safety has been questioned; since electric vehicles are generally heavier than their combustion-motor counterparts, this has brought about questions as to how they respond in a crash.

But Mercedes-Benz has recently demonstrated the safety of their EV technology, having used two real vehicles, an EQA and an EQS SUV, which are significantly heavier at around 2.2 and three tonnes respectively. At speeds of 56km/h and a 50 per cent frontal overlap, the EQA and the EQS SUV each carried two adult dummies – a total of three females and one male. Analysis of the up-to 150 measuring points per dummy indicate a low risk of serious to fatal injury.

Enhanced charging infrastructure

High-powered charging stations are also part of Mercedes’s innovative future, offering enhanced charging for customers. In November, Mercedes-Benz inaugurated the world’s first Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub, located in Sandy Springs, Georgia USA. This high-powered charging station sets new standards for fast, convenient and environmentally-friendly EV battery charging.

By the end of the decade, Mercedes will establish more than 2000 charging hubs worldwide, including in Europe, Australia, China and other core markets.

Autonomous vehicles

While autonomous vehicles are still in their very early stages, Mercedes Benz is at the forefront of this innovative new technology. The aim behind autonomous vehicles is to make the shared road experience safer and more connected. Fully autonomous vehicles are still a while away, but Mercedes Benz vehicles are ever-increasing in their use of autonomous technology.

Active Parking Assist Parktronic, Active Speed Limit Assist, Active Emergency Stop Assist, Active Brake Assist – all of these improved safety and convenience features are present in new Mercedes models, and are powered by innovative autonomation technology.

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