What’s Included in a Logbook Service?

So, you’ve finally bought that German car you’ve always wanted. Firstly, congrats! Expect many years of performance, reliability, comfort and style in your high-quality German auto. Those qualities are only enjoyed if you regularly take your baby in for a logbook service. It’s something you’ll hear about quite often when owning any car and, if you’re not a mechanic yourself, you probably won’t know exactly what it includes. Not to worry, because in this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what’s included in a logbook service.

What is a logbook service?
Your logbook service is a standard vehicle examination that’s conducted every 10,000kms. This service looks at safety checks, measurements, replacements and repairs if necessary. It’s different from a more detailed service, like your 100,000km service which will look at more specific parts of your car. It’s called a logbook service because it follows the procedures outlined in the manufacturer’s car logbook, proving that you’ve maintained your car sufficiently and looked after it well.

What does it include?
Logbook services involve a serious of standard checks and adjustments. While some makes and models will differ in the specific details of what’s included in their logbook service, almost all logbook services will involve these:

  • Change engine oil & oil filter
  • Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Check steering and suspension
  • 40-point vehicle inspection
  • Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels
  • Computer battery test
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check radiator hoses
  • Check fan belts
  • Check lights

As you can see, these are all important preventative measures that ensure a long, healthy engine life and reduce the risk of breaking down.

Importance of logbook servicing
• Prevents breakdowns
Breaking down is some people’s worst nightmare and that’s completely understandable. Imagine the hassle of breakdown in peak hour on a main road… no thanks. Regular servicing allows your mechanic to keep constant checks on your vehicle, allowing them to monitor minor issues that could turn into major ones.

• Improves safety
In some cases, breaking down isn’t just about inconvenience. It can also pose massive safety risks. For example, if your driveshaft collapses while travelling at a high speed, it could cause you to completely lose control of your vehicle. Getting your car regularly serviced will allow your mechanic to spot a problem like this and prevent a terrible accident from happening.

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