Why Regular Servicing is Important

All things in life need maintaining. Buildings, furniture, pets, people… you name it! One of the most important things to get serviced and maintained regularly is your car. You’ve bought a great car, so what’s the point of owning it if you let it deteriorate without proper maintenance? Even if your car is built using that famous German engineering, regular servicing is still important for you. Here are our top reasons why you should regularly service your car, and who to contact if you want the best quality service in Melbourne.

Prevents engine failure
One of the most expensive parts of your car is your engine. It’s the heart of your vehicle, powering it so that it goes! As an important organ of your machine, a service focuses on checking and maintaining your engine. This involves changing the oil and oil filter, checking the engine mounts, belts and many other areas of your engine. It’s a lot more cost-effective to get your car serviced regularly than it is to install a new engine, as engines can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Prevents breakdowns
Breaking down is some people’s worst nightmare and that’s completely understandable. Imagine the hassle of breakdown in peak hour on a main road… no thanks. Regular servicing allows your mechanic to keep constant checks on your vehicle, allowing them to monitor minor issues that could turn into major ones.

Improves safety
In some cases, breaking down isn’t just about inconvenience. It can also pose massive safety risks. For example, if your driveshaft collapses while travelling at a high speed, it could cause you to completely lose control of your vehicle. Getting your car regularly serviced will allow your mechanic to spot a problem like this and prevent a terrible accident from happening.

Fuel efficiency
Regular servicing of your car also improves your fuel efficiency. Getting your car serviced results in a cleaner engine, meaning your car uses less petrol. Don’t believe us? Zero your tripmeter the next time you fill up your car. Then, when you fill it up the next time, divide the number of litres you put in your car by the number of kilometres you travelled. We’re sure that the figures will be lower after getting a service.

It works out cheaper in the long run
As said before, it’s a lot cheaper to service a car regularly than it is to buy, for example, a new engine. This can also be said for replacing transmissions, exhausts, belts and other parts too.

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