5 Easy Ways To Invest In Your Car

Whether you’ve got a luxury car or super car that you want to preserve as much as possible, a vintage car which is going up in value, or a rusty wreck that you’re going to bring back to life, there’s one thing that you should be doing: investing in it. Your car is one of your biggest assets and, without the right care, it’s easy to lose money on it.

But when you invest in your car and give it the love it deserves, your resale price will remain higher or, indeed, increase. Here are 5 easy ways to invest in your car, brought to you by the specialists at German Service Shop.

1) Service it regularly
Pretty simple. Get your car serviced regularly! It’s the best way to protect the most expensive part of your car, the mechanics, for long-term use. Engines, transmissions, radiators and other mechanical parts aren’t exactly cheap, so by servicing your car every six months or 10,000kms, you’re investing in it.

2) Drive efficiently
Don’t be a lead foot Larry… driving efficiently is one way to not only get the best mileage out of your car, but also preserve the engine and therefore invest in it. Driving efficiently means accelerating slowly when the lights turn green – taking off is when the most petrol is used – and pulling off the accelerator as soon as you see a red or orange light.

3) Let it warm up
The most damage is done to your car’s motor in the first five minutes of driving it. Why? Because the engine is cold. Warming up the engine gives it a chance to be properly lubricated, distributing oil to the necessary parts. That’s why taxis can often go for hundreds of thousands of kilometres – the engine is always warm. Driving short distances without letting your car warm up is the harshest type of driving on your engine.

4) Keep it clean
In recent years, car paint and body work has become even more expensive than mechanical repairs, so it’s vital to keep your body and paint tidy if you wish to invest in your car. Keep your car paint clean and park it under a garage if possible. Use a car cover if necessary to protect your car from dust and UV rays. Never, ever, under any circumstances, park your car under a pine tree or one that houses lots of birds. Pine sap eats away at your paint while bird droppings are also acidic.

5) Bring it in to see the team at German Service Shop
When you’re investing in your car, you need a team of mechanics who share your vision. Whether it’s a vintage beauty or a sparkling new set of wheels, the mechanics at German Service Shop know the value of investing in luxury cars, which is why they invest so much time, diligence and care in conducting mechanical work. Bring your ride into see the team at German Service Shop today – Melbourne’s premier dealership alternative.