What You Need In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Although we drive every day and nothing out of the ordinary happens, there’s always a small chance that we’ll experience a breakdown or a bingle. In these events, your first point of contact should always be your emergency kit. Whether it’s a flat tyre, a flat battery or something else, your emergency kit should have what you need to get you out of a minor jam. Here’s what all drivers should have in their car’s emergency kit, brought to you by the expert mechanics at German Service Shop.

Spare tyre and necessary tools

Everyone that drives should know how to change a tyre. It only takes 15 minutes to learn how to do it, and a little YouTube education will get the job done. A spare tyre, jack, tyre lever, pump and tyre gauge are all the things you need to carry to be prepared for a flat tyre.

First-aid kit

German car manufacturers have been putting first aid-kits in their vehicles for decades, and the rest of the world has followed suit. Make sure your car has all the original contents of its first-aid kit, like band-aids, scissors, bandages, tweezers and painkillers.


Need to change a tyre or battery in the dark? A good torch can make this job much safer and easier to perform.

Hi-vis vest

Hi-vis vests can be seen a mile away and they’re especially important if your car breaks down at night. Other drivers will be able to see you, keeping everyone safe.


When going on a long road trip, it’s absolutely vital to carry a few litres of water with you. This is not only to keep you hydrated for a few hours until Roadside Assistance bails you out, but also in case you need to top up a thirsty radiator to nurse you back to a mechanic.

Jumper leads

Jumper leads aren’t just a great way to keep your own car running in an emergency, but other people’s too. If you or a fellow commuter gets stuck on the road, carrying jumper leads can help whoever’s battery needs jumping.

Fire extinguisher

Every old Mercedes Benz has a fire extinguisher sitting under the driver’s seat and, although you may never need to use it, it can be lifesaving when you do need it. Car fires can go from bad to worse, very quickly. A fire extinguisher is a worthwhile investment.

There are plenty of other things that you can include in your emergency kit, but now you know the basics. To avoid having an emergency in the first place is by far the best solution, so come visit the team at German Service Shop. Specialising in German manufactured luxury vehicles, these expert mechanics conduct rigorous, diligent checks. Bring your car into German Service Shop today.