Keeping Your Windscreen Safe

Gone are the days of the 1920s when you’d have to wear goggles every time you sat behind the wheel. Your ears would be ringing after the drive because of all the wind and you’d have to wipe a couple of bugs off your face, too. But for the better part of a century now, we’ve had these amazing things called windscreens!

So, to keep your ears fully functional and your face bug-free, we need to protect our windscreens as best as we can. In this post, the auto experts at German Service Shop tell us how to keep our windscreen safe.

Keep your distance

Let’s face it: tailgating is all too common in Australia. Do you remember the last time you took a drive and somebody wasn’t tailgating you? That’s how bad it is. Tailgating comes with many risks, one of which is windshield damage. Large trucks carrying quarry materials are likely to drop tiny bits of their cargo, flicking up rocks behind them. Drive too close to them, and you’ll soon pay the price.

Be mindful of where you park

Next time you park your car, be careful that you’re not sitting under a large tree – particularly a pine tree as they can damage your car in two ways. 1) pine cones are prone to falling which can easily chip your windscreen and dent your car’s body, and 2) pine trees leak sap, which eats away at your paint and is tough to get off your windscreen.

Seal up any cracks as soon as you notice them

You know what they say: from little things big things grow. This works entirely against your favour in terms of windscreen cracks, so contact a professional to treat these cracks as soon as you notice them. The team at German Service Shop can help you out when this happens.

Change your windshield wipers at regular intervals

Not only are worn-out windshield wipers ineffective and noisy, they can also contribute to further windscreen damage. When the rubber on your wipers wears down enough, their metal frame can be exposed, creating fine scratches on your windshield which aren’t removable.

Clean with the right tools and products

Never use anything but proper windshield cleaner to wipe down your windshield. Spray generously and use a microfibre cloth to clean it. Never use any product containing ammonia – this can dry out and damage the protective barrier around your windshield.

Sticking to these tips and tricks can save you having to fork out hundreds of dollars for a windshield replacement – a painful bill for anyone to receive. Melbourne’s luxury car professionals at German Service Shop are your people of choice for maintenance on European vehicles. They service and repair all types of German car manufacturers, like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and more. For top quality independent mechanics at affordable, honest rates, choose German Service Shop for your next service.